The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica is definately the road less travelled. While certain parts of  the Pacific is over run with tourism, on the Caribbean you will still find your private peice of paradise.

In this district you will find culture, diversity and flavours like no other place in the country. With the Oshiis team we want you to have the most authentic experience.


We love the Caribbean coast. Puerto Viejo, our home town is our favourite destination to bring new friends. There are so many hidden gems in this part of the country.  

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is located on the southern most tip of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Where the jungle meets the sea,  Puerto Viejo is a colourful surf and fishing village.  Full of life, character, music, culture, amazing food and more. 

With a population of roughly 25,000, Puerto Viejo offers a unique culture that can only be found in this part of  the country thanks to the diversity of Indigenous Br Bri and Jamaica decedents.

Puerto Viejo is known for it’s laid back attitude, blasting reggae music, flavourful dishes made with coconut milk,  locals playing dominos,  the dense and tropical jungles, turquoise waters, miles and miles of beautiful beaches, an  abundance of wildlife and endless actives and daily adventures.

The world famous surf break and bar SALSA BRAVA, is perfectly located at the edge of town, built right on the beach as you are heading south. Depending on the season, the ocean may look calm and flat and like there is nothing, but when the season changes, you won’t be able to miss it!! You will be seeing the locals surfers and spectators alike at the beach waiting for the show. Huge  Hawaiian style waves will be sure to catch your attention.

 The road out of town,  heading south, stretching for the next 20 km,  will lead you to several smaller communities and beaches such as Playa cocles, Playa chiquita, Punta uva and Manzanillo.  Heading out of town towards the north you will find  neighbourhoods and beaches such as Playa negra, Hone Creek and Cahuita.

With dozens of secret pockets, from Playa Negra to Gandoca,  comfortable accommodation, bars, local shops and delicious restaurants, you will quickly see why this place is so special.


















The Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica is the most populated and lively.  Mainly because this is the area that is closest to the city of San Jose and the international airport.

In this district is where you will find most of the action. Even though this area most touristy, we still have plenty of secret, uncrowded spots when you’re travelling with the Oshiis team.


Epic surf,  no crowds, colourful sunsets and endless miles of beaches best describes  Esterillos. You may never see another person as you stroll down these beautiful secluded pieces of paradise.  It is  a secret waiting to be discovered along the Pacific coast. Stunning views of nature found like nowhere else  with beaches lines with palm ans almond trees and an extensive variety of local wildlife including flocks of scarlet macaws. This beachside town is just waiting to become your new favourite spot.

Located along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and only 30 minutes south of Jaco, Playa Esterillos  feels like you are worlds away. Luring those who are in search of seclusion,  surf, sun, sunsets, sand and relaxation.

One of Playa Esterillos greatest attractions is its isolation. Despite its gorgeous beaches, epic surf,  the small community of local fisherman and an abundance of  wildlife,Playa Esterillos has maintained  the off the beaten track feel.

Esterillos  consists of three sections:Esterillos Oeste, Centro and Este.  Oeste as the most popular out of the three. 

Located in the heart of Esterillos Oeste  is the iconic Mermaid sculpture, by a sculptor Albino Valverde: it is a beautiful bronze mermaid sitting on the rocks looking towards the depth of the ocean. Her base or tail is submerged during high tide; thus, it looks like the mermaid rises and sinks within the level of the tides.

Another natural treasure of this beach is the natural swimming pools formed in the north  of town due to its big rocky zones.  Here you can search for seashells. You might get lucky even find a fossil.

For those who love scuba diving or snorkelling, the ocean is full of fascinating aquatic life. Beneath the deep blue waters you can discover an entirely new world  filled with exotic local species of fish, crustaceans, and octopus.

Another huge part of Esterillos charm is the very authentic Tico village vibe. They say time moves differently in the tropics and nowhere else more than in Esterillos.

We encourage you to enjoy that pace, slow down, and be completely mindful of your life and each moment in it.


Playa Hermosa of Puntarenas, not to be confused with Playa Hermosa of Guanacaste, is located about 10-15 min south of the town of Jaco, Playa Hermosa literally translates to ‘Beautiful Beach’, hence why it is a very popular name in Latin American countries  along the coastlines.

Playa Hermosa is considered to be one of the best waves in all of Costa Rica, calling avid surfers from all over the country and the world to its consistent steep PEAKS and hollow BARRELS.

The main attraction for travellers heading to Hermosa, other than to surf this epic BEACH BREAK, is to escape Jacó’s crowds and concrete jungle. The location of Playa Hermosa is kind of ideal. You can be close enough for the conveniences and far enough for peace and quiet.

There are a few quaint restaurants, mini super markets, boutique hotels and homes located on the main strip of Playa Hermosa.

Located a bit further south of the main strip, the Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Playa Hermosa y Punta Mala protects a nesting site for olive ridley turtles. These turtles  come ashore to lay their eggs between August and December; it’s off-limits to the public, but you can visit the turtle hatchery at the ranger station. This is to protect and  monitor the species’ reproduction rates in this part of the country


Jaco Beach has been the epicentre of Costa Rican tourism for decades. Being the closest beach with the shortest distance to travel (1 hour) coming from SJO International airport in SAN JOSE, it only makes sense that it is the main point of entry and the gateway to explore the rest of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, for Ticos and tourists alike.

Jaco is perfect  place for those beach lovers, surfers, party goers, adventure enthusiasts looking to seek a well rounded holiday.  It has an incredible variety of world and local cuisine, comfortable accommodation, unique clothing and souvenir shops, fitness studios, adventure and tour operators, bars, nightlife  and some of the greatest waves in the country. With all of this to offer,  no wonder it’s one of the most popular beach destinations in the country.


Puntarenas is one of the main port towns, located on the central Pacific Coast on the Gulf of Nicoya.

This charming Tico city is home to its own Casa de Cultura (cultural centre) with its own teatro and art gallery.

On the main strip, there is Paseo de los Turistas, Parque Marino del Pacífico which includes an aquarium and rescue centre with seahorses, turtles and crocodiles.

The local beach, Playa Puntarenas, is backed by shops, restaurants and cafes. Southeast of town, Playa Doña Ana is a beach known for strong surf.


Dominical is probably best known for its waves, which draw surfers from all around the world. But there’s a lot more to this quirky beach town and the surrounding stretch of coastline than just surf.

The Costa Ballena  and the Nauyuca waterfalls are  an easy day trips from Dominical.  The town itself has its own variety of comfortable accommodation, Delicious restaurants, and tons of souvenirs and artisan vendors on the beach. What we love most about this region of Costa Rica is the combination of jungle-filled mountains and ocean. The nearby hills are a playground for wildlife and hiking enthusiasts, and the nearly deserted beaches are the perfect escape for those looking to relax and unwind.