How to Stay Balanced as an 

Adventurer During Covid

A letter from Amy – Founder of Oshiis Surf

Find things to feed your adventurous spirit and stay balanced in a world of chaos and the unknown during COVID 19

Covid has been tough on us all in different ways. Some got hit harder than others. Some were already struggling pre-covid.

Covid has been tough on us all in different ways. Some got hit harder than others. Some were already struggling pre-covid.

Finding balancing and remaining positive in these times is extremely crucial.

I personally lost my job and my travel agency was put on an indefinite hold. I had my annually trips planned to Asia and Central America to visit family, the highlight of the year, both cancelled.

Even during these hard times, I felt it was important to help those who were in a harder situation than I.

I purged my place and donated anything that we didn’t use often and could be used elsewhere. We sent monthly support to our team and family in Costa Rica to buy rations and help with salaries. We even organized a GoFundMe to help support an entire community in need. A community that majority relies on tourism.

Yet, for me, one of the hardest parts of Covid has been to put my adventurous travel nomadic spirit on hold. On Pause.

It’s been over 20 years since I have stayed in one country for over a year, and at the beginning of September 2020, I will complete an entire year without traveling.

I know this may sound extremely privileged, but this is something that I hold deep in my spirit and travelling is something more of a lifestyle than just a hobby or business. It feeds my soul. Without it, I feel incomplete.

That being said, I’ve been forced to find other things to feed my adventurous spirit and help create balance in my life and in a world of chaos and the unknown.

Here are a few things I have implemented into my routine to stay balanced during COVID 19

Here are a few things I have implemented into my routine to stay balanced during COVID 19


Daily physical activity is a must! I can’t express how important this is. Wether it’s just a walk, a bike ride, a workout, a swim. What ever it may be. Just keep moving

I’ve picked up mountain biking. I love being in the forest, riding fast, climbing hills, avoiding tree trucks, finding waterfalls and wild flowers. It gets my adrenaline pumping while being outdoors and playing with the elements.


Read, write, study, learn a new skill, paint, create. Do it all. Something to get your eyes off a screen and tapping into some dormant talents and skills.


It might sound corny, but it works. The search within comes with the greatest rewards.


Get out into nature. Being forced to stay indoors for weeks/ months with TV/ phone/ tablet screens is not healthy. Find your closest forest, lake, river, mountain or beach. Get dirty. Hug a tree. Look for wildlife. All of the above and more will do a world of wonder for your spirit.


A wise man once said “you are what you eat”. Eating junk food will make you feel sluggish and low vibration. Eat food with life and you will feel alive.


I know this sounds harsh, but it’s important. The energy you keep around you is crucial. These times are hard enough without toxic negative people making it worse. Don’t just have a COVID bubble, you should have a positive vibes bubble too.


Try it for one month. See how you feel? Pay attention to where your energy and your time goes.

If you get bored listen to an audio book or podcast. Or even better if you like to watch episodes and movies, subscribe GAIA.COM

There are endless programs and documentaries discussing real-life topics that aren’t on the mainstream media. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm…

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